Little Me is a family-oriented entertainment center that offers children between the ages of 0 and 10 years old a chance to engage in a fun and safe environment.

The main objective of Little Me is to offer kids the right space to explore their imagination and enhance their creativity while developing their motor, intellectual, and emotional skills. Achieving the objective is facilitated by the division of Little Me venue into two main sections: indoor and outdoor.

The indoor area is composed of different sections that target the development of the children’s skills based on their age and interest.

The outdoor area is available for at least 8 months a year starting March. It was founded based on the healthy benefits of kids spending time outside in open air.


Indoor Play Unit

The play unit is designated for children between 4 and 10 years. With a capacity of 75 kids, the play unit is the best place to let children discover challenges and learn how to make use of their motor and intellectual skills, along with overcoming and challenges they may face.

Toddlers Section

Little Me has designated an entertainment section for toddlers. It includes storytelling, educational toys, musical instruments and an exclusive play unit.

Arts and Crafts

Art and Crafts corner is a customized area that offers kids access to different activities that employ their imagination and creativity. The two main activities are pottery and painting.

Blocks & Construction Toys

This area is designated for children to unleash their imagination. In the Lego section, they can construct and play with different Lego parts.

Indoor & Outdoor Climbing Walls

The Indoor & Outdoor Climbing Walls areas are designed for children seeking an ultimate challenging experience. The walls come in both a single-sided and double-sided configuration that is well equipped with the reliable Auto Belay System to ensure a safe experience.

Outdoor Area

The Outdoor Area offers an open air fun experience through both the Little Me’s rooftop and garden.

Parents Lounge

Since we care about the parents’ comfortability, we designated 3 indoor and outdoor cafeterias available at their service.

Birthday Section

A multipurpose room mainly designed to host themed birthday parties. And for all outdoor lovers, a birthday section is set up near the garden for those who want to celebrate their birthdays in the open air.